At The Althing Group, we bring a depth of knowledge and breadth of expertise to the industries we serve.

We bring our unsurpassed expertise to our client engagements and help each business rise to the challenge of innovation.

At The Althing Group, we help our clients by adding our own distinctive experience to their mix.

We focus our services on three industries: Financial Markets, Life Sciences and Technology.


Financial planning is one of the foundations of a growing business.

At The Althing Group, we have the tools and knowledge to help you build and implement yours.

Whether you’re starting a small life sciences company or are an aspiring software giant, we’ve done it before.

Financial planning is a useful tool for forecasting, benchmarking, and setting metrics for the business to follow in the future. It is also an essential tool for a startup that wishes to engage in early stage financing.

Financial markets have experienced a tectonic shift in the last two decades. 

Globalization, systemic crises, novel products, and the exponential expansion of the industry each led to significant changes in the industry.

At The Althing Group, we have the regulatory and industry experience to help our clients navigate through a changing landscape.

From banking to brokerage, The Althing Group brings together a unique combination of academic and practical knowledge reservoir to our clients.

From Dodd-Frank to Basel III, we help our clients develop a comprehensive strategy on how to successfully comply with new regulation.

Capital & Debt Advisory

Executing a financial plan requires specific knowledge that brings together finance, regulatory, market and industry expertise.

It involves a process that is part science, part art. It also affects the entire spectrum of corporate finance from valuation, to fundraising and developing adequate liquidity strategies.

Companies often face strong obstacles in trying to execute their equity strategy. Success in this arena depends on experience.

At The Althing Group, we have experience in the entire range of equity markets. 

From fundraising to mergers and acquisitions to the private and public equity markets, we guide our clients to successfully implement their financial plans.

Early Stage Equity Strategy

Transactional Advisory for Startups

Financial Planning

Corporate Valuation

The financial plans of a business reflect the company’s ability to develop an idea into details. At the heart of any financial plan is a valuation model that is the key metric for success.

As such, investors, partners and customers alike look at a company’s valuation before engaging in a business relationship. Sound financial planning is a detailed task that involves developing a plan that will show the company’s ability to translate its vision into revenue, and profits, directly impacting its value creation.

The Althing Group helps its clients develop a comprehensive financial plan and valuation model.

Clients can use this plan as a benchmark to measure against their revenue goals, and to keep their cost structure in check. Clients can also use this plan to compare their overall business practices to similar companies, as well as their partners.

At The Althing Group we believe in details, and meticulously set about financial planning for our clients.

  • Economic Foundations

    No company can be valued in a vacuum.  The economic conditions in which a company operates, and perhaps utilizes to its advantage serve as an essential element of valuation.

  • The Importance of Comparables

    The bedrock of private company valuation is finding industry comparables.  While seemingly difficult, this is a foundational issue that serves as an important negotiating point in valuation.

  • Investment Landscape

    The environment within which a company seeks capital, and thus a valuation, is one of the most important factors in successful fundraising.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the primary success factor for a corporate strategy.

Due diligence is the core link that brings together all the elements of a strategy under one umbrella, in an all-inclusive effort to ensure the best outcome in a transaction.

Due diligence begins with determining the needs of a particular transaction and ends with our expert opinion regarding the parameters and metrics of that transaction.

At The Althing Group, we take a detailed view of due diligence. 

We help our clients develop and implement due diligence plans that span the spectrum from financial and market studies to transactional and risk diligence.

No company is an island unto itself.  

As a business grows, it may acquire technologies, intellectual property or other entities that provide a particular competitive advantage.

In order to thrive, businesses need to align themselves with others. These partnerships may start with a co-branding agreement, to technology licensing and joint ventures, companies need to choose the right avenues as well as the right partners.

At The Althing Group, we help our clients develop their acquisition strategy, identify potential targets, negotiate the relevant agreements, and execute the post-acquisition plan.

Our goal is to help our clients grow their businesses in a sound and effective manner.

  • Acquisition Target Identification

  • M&A Advisory

  • Impact studies

  • Regulatory Due Diligence


As a business grows, its overall strategy becomes an essential guide for its future.

From developing a competitive strategic plan, to growth strategies, companies need to focus on their core values in order to develop a comprehensive strategic plan. That execution depends, in large part, on a successful transactional strategy.

At The Althing Group, we help our clients by conducting competitive research, developing growth and diversification strategies, one transaction at a time.

Like the great masters of the Renaissance, today’s business leaders need to be scientists, as well as artists, in order to build a successful business. They need to have the knowledge and ability to transform their vision into reality. As Michelangelo said “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” At The Althing Group, we help our clients master the art and science of developing and implementing a sustainable strategy.

Corporate Restructuring

Effective, efficient operations are the cornerstone of any successful enterprise.

Every company, at some point in time, will require some level of restructuring. From a startup seeking investment, to a fast growing company preparing for a public offering, to a mature global enterprise seeking to re-align its market presence, corporate restructuring is a fact faced by many companies.

The Althing Group helps its clients plan their operations in a manner that accounts for a company’s growth prospects, and anticipates changes in its business direction.

Once a client requires a restructuring plan, The Althing Group assists them by creating a detailed plan on how to bring that effectuate the necessary change, with the minimum amount of disruption. We outline not just what is needed to produce the best results, and what is needed to maintain, and more importantly, what is needed to continue on a path of growth over time.

  • Competitive Analysis

    Understanding the competitive landscape is crucial to the success of a business. At The Althing Group, we guide our clients by helping them develop and implement a competitive analysis that helps them gather and utilize the right information about their competitors.

  • Market Analysis

    Knowing the market for a product or service may seem an easy task. Yet, understanding the landscape of that market requires expertise in multiple disciplines and experience in strategic planning. We bring our background to every project.

  • Industry Analysis

    Do you know your industry? We have the background and expertise in our industries to help guide our clients through what may seem confusing and insurmountable challenges.

Transactional Adviosry

Every business requires various tools to execute its strategic and growth plans. One such tool is the expertise required to manage corporate transactions.

From cross border expansion of a small business, to seeking out the right partner for the realization of a client’s long term plans, The Althing Group provides expert, hands-on guidance.

The Althing Group helps clients select the right tools, and guide them to the best use in each situation.

Our expertise lies in years of industry experience, being involved at every level of corporate development.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Mergers & Acquisitions can help your company grow marketshare, profits, expand into otherwise closed markets.  It can also hinder your goals if executed improperly. We can help you identify and build upon the best approaches for your business in a merger or acquisition.

  • Cross Border Joint Ventures

    One of the most popular ways to expand into foreign markets is to enter into a joint venture with an experienced local business. We can help you navigate the process and ensure lasting success in the relationship with your joint venture partner.

  • Debt & Equity Advisory

    Are you thinking of issuing debt or equity in order to finance the expansion of your business?  We can help you find the optimal path through the capital markets.