Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Checklist

  • Capital Adequacy

    Does your bank meet regulatory capital requirements?  Do you know if your bank’s capital is sufficient to support various economic hardships and adverse shocks?

  • Mortgage Lending & Servicing

    Is your bank in compliance with the CFPB regulations, including Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) and the Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z)?

  • Dodd Frank Compliance

    In addition to creation of the CFPB, Dodd Frank created other regulatory mandates.  Does your bank meet and exceed these regulatory requirements?

  • Compliance Cost Management

    Compliance is mandatory. Cost management is essential.  We help our clients achieve optimal results with the minimum of expense.

  • Bank Audits

    Whether you outsource or conduct your audits in house, we help you maximize efficiency and resource allocation, so the process is painless, and takes as little of your time away from managing the daily activities of your bank.

  • Governance

    Many consider governance issues to be the purview of larger institutions.  However, we believe that best business practices and good corporate governance directly correlates to the success of every bank, regardless of size.

Risk Management

Risk Management

can directly and positively impact a small bank’s profitability and growth potential. We can show you how managing risk can be an effective governance tool.

Cyber Security


All cybersecurity plans begin with systems testing.  That is where we start by testing your systems to determine points of vulnerability and structural and design flaws that could allow intrusion.  However, since many small banks experience internal cybersecurity threats, we also test your systems for vulnerability to internal threats.


We develop a comprehensive plan to secure your systems and network against both external and internal threats.


No cybersecurity plan for any financial institution is worth anything if the implementation of the plan is flawed.  We bring decades of experience from both hardware and software industries to ensure proper implementation of the plan we developed with your input.


In today’s fast paced and rapidly evolving technological world, no cybersecurity plan can remain dormant.  You must adapt, grow and evolve with the best technologies of the day.  Rest assured that the threats evolve just as fast.


of all computers are vulnerable to exploit kits delivered through Adobe Acrobate, Flash or Java.


of ex-employees have admitted to stealing data according to a recent industry survey.


of financial institutions incurred losses as a result of incidents.


Growth of mobile banking trojans in less than one year from 2013 to 2014.